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Business is a team sport.
Strengthen your ability to build your championship team ...
... so you can achieve goals more efficiently and enjoy greater success
In sports, experience shows that the team whose players play best as a team consistently wins the championship. It's the same in companies.
In companies, highly diverse individuals interact with each other. How well they get along with each other influences the performance of executives, employees and teams - and the company's results.
Thus you profit from the a-Leadership-Method
  • You reduce stress by resolving areas of conflict and minimizing friction losses
  • You improve co-operation and team efficiency through effective communication, mutual understanding and appreciation
  • You (re-)activate unused performance capabilities
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Birgit & Kurt Fuchsenthaler
Those who want to lead others successfully must be able to lead themselves.
Self-leadership requires deep self-knowledge, self-reflection and authentic behavior. Supervisors with good self-leadership act as role models and generate trust.
Through an effective combination of powerful tools, you will quickly develop a deep understanding not just about yourself, but also about other people with their different behaviors and motivations.
Excellent self-knowledge and authentic behavior based on that knowledge form the basis for long-term success - according to the results of a study involving 197,000 top performers from 25 countries.
As a leader, gain absolute clarity about yourself as well as your goals and priorities through the a-Leadership method.
You open your perception for the things that you have not yet been aware of. In the process, you will identify issues that have prevented you from being successful in the past, and you will discover unused resources and perspectives.
And that will push you ahead of others.
You delegate more consequently and thus win time for other important tasks (e.g. leadership) and/or your private life.
You achieve goals more efficiently and the felt workload decreases with a simultaneous increase in performance.
You reduce the risk of health problems or burnout - at the same time you gain energy - your life quality and your happiness at work can increase tremendously.
You will increase your influence and your power of persuasion, as you will be able to optimally adjust your communication to your counterpart.
You strengthen your leadership identitity. By learning to meet the individual needs of your employees, you gain their respect and trust. By the way, this is well received by employees of every age group, and you'll enjoy your leadership role even more.
You bring consistency and balance to your team and achieve goals even more reliably.
You are able to turn standby mode into ongoing engagement for a large number of employees, thus enormously reducing the direct and indirect costs of working to rule.
You retain valuable employees for the long term.
You fill important positions with the right people.
Use it to solve this problem as well:
"Loss" of valuable employees due to
  • Service according to the rules only
  • Long-term illnesses
  • Migration
The direct and indirect costs AND consequences caused by this are immense!
Can your company afford to
  • underestimate and/or ignore this problem
  • leave that much money on the table and
  • achieve goals too slowly or not at all?
How does this affect YOU personally?
What are the consequences of employee migration, long-term illnesses or working to rule - for YOU as a leader?
How the resulting additional workload will impact team performance, atmosphere, and your personal happiness at work?
How about achieving your goals and the related performance-based rewards?
How much time are you losing that you would rather spend with your family, friends, and hobbies?
How about your health, energy and performance?
Take action right now with 3 simple steps
Schedule a free initial consultation with no obligations
We discuss your needs and how executive coaching can help you achieve your most important goals more effectively with your existing resources.
Learn more about the a-Leadership method and the process
You will be surprised how fast you can achieve outstanding results. You will be in control any time and create an environment of mutual trust and appreciation.
Transform your leadership team and maximize results
By effectively combining powerful tools, right from the beginning you (re-)activate unused performance capabilities of the people in your company.
Customer feedback
"In November 2017, Birgit and Kurt Fuchsenthaler facilitated a 3-day intensive workshop for the leadership team of the Bodo Schäfer Academy ... We managed to launch important change processes during these 3 days and together as a team we created our positioning guiding principle "Live your dream"
Bodo Schäfer, Germany
Entrepreneur & Europe Moneycoach #1
"I have attended many international coaching events and webinars in my life. I am totally blown away by your personality - you are so authentic and the first I met, who are performing with that much heart. The process used in your Goal Setting Workshop is very effective - you were a blessing for me today."
Suna Su, Switzerland
Head of Data and Information Security
"In my opinion, the Personal Leadership Profile (PLP) is a great tool for fulfilling an elementary management and leadership task. Specifically, to position people where they are most valuable to the organization and feel good about themselves in order to achieve their full potential and stay motivated ... The need is high, no doubt ."
Kerstin H., Germany
Head of Business Development
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We change lives -
and businesses too!
Der Lösungsweg
Erfahren Sie in diesem 7 Minuten-Video, wie Ihnen a-Leadership Authenticity Coaching bei der Lösung Ihres Problems hilft
Fordern Sie jetzt den kostenlosen Video-KURS an und entdecken Sie, ...
das Geheimnis, wie Sie Sicherheit, Beständigkeit und Ruhe in Ihr Team bringen und damit Ziele zuverlässig erreichen
wie Sie Reibungsverluste minimieren, gegenseitige Wertschätzung erzeugen und auf individuelle Bedürfnisse eingehen können, damit Menschen gerne langfristig in Ihrem Unternehmen bleiben
wie Sie "Dienst nach Vorschrift" in Engagement wandeln und damit direkte und indirekte Kosten enorm reduzieren
Jede Führungskraft kann das Risiko massiv senken, wertvolle Mitarbeiter zu verlieren - und damit auch die enormen Folgen und Kosten.

Indem Sie das Wissen aus dem Videokurs „Die Magie individueller Führung“ nutzen, werden Sie Ihre Mitarbeiter begeistern, zu Top-Leistung inspirieren und langfristig an Ihr Unternehmen binden - und gleichzeitig Produktivität und Gewinn erhöhen.
Menschen. Potenziale. Leistung. Ziele.