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What our clients say:
"In November 2017, Birgit and Kurt Fuchsenthaler facilitated a 3-day intensive workshop for the leadership team of the Bodo Schäfer Academy. Initially, I just wanted to have my team trained with an outside professional view. But the workshop was so compelling that I stayed with it the whole time, even though I knew the content. We managed to launch important change processes during these 3 days and together as a team we created our positioning guiding principle "Live your dream"
Bodo SchäferEntrepreneur & Europe Moneycoach #1
"I have attended many international coaching events and webinars in my life. I am totally blown away by your personality - you are so authentic and the first I met, who are performing with that much heart. The process used in your Goal Setting Workshop is very effective - you were a blessing for me today."
Suna Su, SwitzerlandHead of Data and Information Security
"Although this Goal Setting Workshop is online, I had a very positive exerience and the feeling that we were close together in a great atmosphere. The workshop has been structured and facilitated extremely well. Kurt and Birgit contribute a lot of competence and experience and they know what they are doing. I felt this workshop was very, very enjoyable - I've experienced other things before."
Heike DämmrichSales engineer Customized Solutions
"In 2017, I faced the challenge that our financial reporting system was designed to meet tax requirements first and foremost. But I didn't get the information from it that I needed as an entrepreneur for the future development of my company.

I was fortunate to meet Birgit Fuchsenthaler just at the right time. I know very few people who really have this extraordinary gift for processing numbers in such a way that they tell a story. In a very short time, Birgit has created analyses for products and operating procedures and formatted numbers in such a way that I can read them quickly and transparently. An indispensable basis for strategic decisions. Thank you Birgit."
Bodo SchäferEntrepreneur & Europe Moneycoach #1
"Before I started working on my PLP (Personal Leadership Profile) with Kurt Fuchsenthaler, I was feeling kind of dissatisfied and didn't know exactly where I wanted to go. But I couldn't grasp it. In fact, I never had concrete goals, always just "Next Steps".

I already made other personality profiles, but the PLP describes me very accurately and hits my personality really closely. Through the profile in combination with the PLP Authenticity Coaching I had a lot of "aha"-experiences: I now see myself from a different perspective, I now know how I perceive myself and how others perceive me. The value statements match very closely for me as well. This helps me, every day, in business and in my private life. Above all, I love the " user's guide" on how others can deal with me successfully and what they should better avoid - I would love to copy that and give it to everyone!

Before I already knew myself pretty good, but through the PLP process I learned a lot more about myself - I'm 54 now, I'm full of energy, I need challenges and I really want to make a difference.

Kurt immediately recognized from the profile and our conversations that I was not happy with my situation. The coaching ultimately gave me the courage to start realizing necessary changes and to take an important career decision."
Frank Bangemann, BaiersbronnTeam Leader
"The more the perception of oneself matches the perception of others, the more authentic a person will appear to the outside world and the more successful he or she will be. Conversely, this means that the more the two images deviate from each other, the less a person can unfold his or her potential.

One reason for not being able to meet your own expectations may be that you assume "facts" which, however, are perceived completely differently by your environment. To identify the deviation, you need a professional external analysis.

a-Leadership uses a method that analyzes your own personality in great detail, with the aim of identifying areas where each person can further exploit his or her full potential. The focus is never on good/bad or right/wrong, but always on your individual strengths.

In the one-on-one coaching session, Kurt reviews the results of the analysis and points out how to utilize your talents not only for greater success at work, but also for a more satisfying private life. With his appreciative and motivating nature, he gives valuable suggestions on how the insights that have been gained can be put into action immediately."
Ulrike T.Head of HR
"In my opinion, the Personal Leadership Profile (PLP) is a great tool for fulfilling an elementary management and leadership task. Specifically, to position people where they are most valuable to the organization and feel good about themselves in order to achieve their full potential and stay motivated.

Based on this very comprehensive and deep personality assessment tool, the potential of employees can be exploited in a highly professional approach and the best fit experts and executives can be trained or recruited. The need for this in business is high, no doubt."
Kerstin H.Head of Business Development
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