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In a crisis you need “Leaders”

"It´s always possible to improve results - not only when problems are obvious, but also when everything seems fine."

by Kurt Fuchsenthaler
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"It´s always possible to improve results - not only when problems are obvious, but also when everything seems fine."
This interwiew article was published by the trade magazine "Deutscher Drucker". Nr. 10/11, of June 11th, 2020
Questions: Martina Reinhardt

Corporate success depends first and foremost on people. Relationships, especially between executives and employees, have a direct influence on people's performance and their perception of stress. This is the approach on which the consulting firm is based.
DD: With a-Leadership, you are pursuing an alternative consulting concept that focuses primarily on team leadership. Can you briefly explain your approach?

Regardless of which projects and measures you as an executive set your priorities on, you will achieve any desired result the more efficiently the better people interact with each other.

If an executive is able to build up good relationships with his or her employees and within the team, this has an immediate and positive effect on the performance of everyone and the success of the company. Many executives are focusing on optimizing technologies, processes and structures. In doing so, they often fail to consider one important resource too little: the force that lies in the relationships between people.

The a-Leadership-System is modular, you have results from the first moment on, keep full control at every step and do not commit yourself for a long term. We start with just a few executives at the top. Executives are extremely successful when they know themselves well, behaving authentically on this basis, being able to lead themselves and thus being a role model for others. In this way, the people at the base are not made uncertain by surveys, but experience the positive changes.

DD: What are the characteristics of a "leader personality"?

It is important to clarify the terms "leader" and "manager" as there are a number of misunderstandings. Just to be clear - for successful companies both are indispensable and work hand in hand. And both of them require different mindsets and soft skills.

The focus of managers is on operational actions and processes in daily business. They plan, organize, control, ensure that goals are met and solve organizational problems.

The focus of leaders is on change, movement and expansion. Good leaders inspire people for long-term visions, strategies and company goals and support them in being able to deal well with change.

While managers can play their strenghts in phases of steady business development, strong leaders are needed especially in times of crisis and rapid change.

DD: How does your coaching approach look like?

In coaching, we identify which goals people really want to achieve, where they actually stand, and help them to close this gap.

This example makes it clear:
Many people have the same problem - for example Knee pain. They all have the same wish: to be able to move again without pain. A good doctor proceeds in two steps:

  1. He doesn't just start treatment, he identifies the cause. To do this, he needs a thorough diagnosis with laboratory, X-ray, MRI, CT and so on. Only then can he successfully treat the cause, whether it is arthrosis, a meniscus injury or a pulled muscle.

  2. Even if the cause is the same, he will determine the treatment approach that best suits the individual patient (e.g. professional athlete versus hobby athlete).
It's exactly the same in companies. Many have the same problems - for example too low profit, too many absences due to illness, emigration, dissatisfaction. But universal solutions only work to a limited extent and usually remain far below the possibilities.

We focus on the people in the company, especially on their everyday areas of tension and friction. Our system is based on in-depth diagnostics that quickly provides clarity and certainty for further action. The resulting activities are modular and can be implemented immediately.

After working with the top management we can start our team development process. This begins with a seminar in which executives and teams create a set of rules together, which they implement immediately. Team efficiency is improved through effective communication, mutual understanding and appreciation.

DD: How can it be ensured that the changes in management are sustainable and are not diluted again in the daily routine?

We help executives, regardless of their leadership preferences, to optimize their self-knowledge, self-leadership and authenticity. This generates natural behaviour, which reduces stress and unleashes energy - they appear confident and generate trust.

We accompany the achievement of the defined goals with regular accountability coaching.

Team development is a process. We supervise this process for the required period of time at intervals of two to twelve weeks.

The positive effects can be noticed in the company's results and with its people - inside the company as well as with customers, suppliers and in the private environment. This generates an intrinsic drive on all sides to maintain and further improve this condition.

How do you think about this subject?
We are happy to know more about your opinion and getting your feedback.

Best regards,
Kurt Fuchsenthaler

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