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Our Mission:
"We help business owners and leaders create a work environment where they and their employees of all generations enjoy their jobs, stay healthy and energized, and perform with enthusiasm at the top of their game.

So that companies achieve their goals in the best way possible and workplaces are safe."
We change lives -
and businesses too!

Birgit Fuchsenthaler

My passion is to enable leaders and teams to achieve extraordinary results by sharing common values as well as mutual understanding and appreciation.

I support my clients to develop the mindset, strategy and accountability they need to close the gap between where they are right now and where they intend to be.

As an expert in team building and corporate culture, I contribute over 10 years of experience as a CFO as well as education from the world's leading coaches in personal and team development to my practice.

Since 2003, as a coach, facilitator, trainer, naturopath and pain relief expert, I have lead several thousand people to a healthy, self-determined and happy life.

My principle: Don't think in the short term, but act in the long term.

Kurt Fuchsenthaler

After my apprenticeship as a printer and graduating from university, for more than 25 years I worked for leading corporations in the printing industry as a printing engineer.

As an expert, I made customers and sales partners even more successful - by consulting, seminars and application trainings in Europe, North and South America, Japan, China and Australia.

This way, I also have gained intensive experience of how leaders and teams work successfully together and how they don't. And what enormous loss can be caused in companies by emotional shutdown and working according to rules only.

After recovering from an accident, in which I barely escaped paraplegia, I decided to support people to unleash their full potential and living their dreams. Since 2012 I am consistently training my personal development and coaching skills in the environment of worldwide leading trainers. Today I support people as a coach, trainer and consultant.
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  • You benefit from our decades of inside experience with people in international businesses.
  • We know how leadership affects employees.
  • We understand business from the inside out
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    - Structures and systems
    - Numbers and results
  • We understand health and pain relief
  • We understand challenges
    (at work and private)
  • We make successful people even more successful